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The Transaction report will print out all the transactions since the last time you synced your terminal. Once you sync your terminal, in order to see the transactions previous to that you will need to generate a report from the Website.  To run a Transaction Report from your terminal:

  1. Within the MobiWIC main menu click “Reports”.

  2. Click on "Print Transaction Report".

  3. The cashier enters their “Cashier Number” and their “Password” using the on-screen keyboard.  Once done the cashier presses the “Login” button on the onscreen keypad.

  4. The Transaction Report will now print.

You can also print the Terminal Settings. To do this simply click on "Print Terminal Settings" from the report menu.

This report will list items like:

  • Device SN
  • Software Version
  • Terminal Date
  • Store ID
  • Store Name
  • WIC Mode
  • WIC Files

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