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If you should find that your MobiWIC Icon is missing from your desktop, here is a short video to explain how to add it back.

Perform the step-by-step instructions outlined below, or watch the video for direction on how to restore your MobiWIC icon.


Remember that you can Pause and Start the video at anytime in order to follow along on your terminal.

Step-by-Step Instructions (covered in video).

You will re-install 3 files already contained within the device:

  1. From the main screen of the device, double-click on "MY DEVICE"
  2. Double-click on "FILEBOX"
  3. From the top menu in FILEBOX, select "VIEW"
  4. Select "OPTIONS"
  5. From Folder Options, un-check/deselect "Do Not Show Hidden Files and Folders"
  6. Press "OK"
  7. Locate the following 3 files in FILEBOX:
    1. "MobiWICSetup-STM7700"
    2. "NETCFv35.Messages.EN"
    3. "NETCFv35.wce.armv4"
  8. You will set each file to "Read-Only". Press your stylus on each of these files until a menu appears. 
  9. For each file, select "PROPERTIES", then check the "READ-ONLY" option
  10. Press "OK"
  11. Double-click on each of the 3 files to install them.
    Note: You may install these files in any order you wish
  12. Click "OK" whenever you see  a prompt of "ALREADY INSTALLED" or "INSTALL"
  13. Allow each file to finish installing
  14. When the last file has completed installing, exit to the main screen of the device
  15. Your MobiWIC icon should  now be visible
  16. Turn the device over. On the bottom left on the underside of the device, quickly press the red "RESET" button using the stylus
  17. Following the device reset, the normal device background picture should return. 

MobiWIC should now function normally.




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