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  • Submitting completed WIC transactions in your device so your store may be reimbursed for WIC Items you have sold
  • Downloading critical updated State Approved Product Lists and Hot Card Lists to your device
  • Apply any updates or changes you may have made (added WIC items, price changes, etc) on your MobiWIC web site

Learn how to synchronize your MobiWIC device here






“Split-Tender” payments will soon be accepted with MobiWIC!

You will soon be able to accept more than one form of payment when a participant has insufficient benefits to complete a purchase for fruits/vegetables. MobiWIC will soon allow an alternate form of payment to cover the remaining difference for Cash Value Benefit (CVB) items.

Here is how it will work:

  1. During a WIC transaction, if MobiWIC determines that a customer has insufficient benefits to cover a fruit/vegetable transaction, the cashier will be prompted with a message:


  1. CANCEL (F3): Alternate form of payment (Split-Tender) is declined. The item may now be voided from transaction
  2. OK (ENT): Item will be added to the transaction. You may also continuing adding other items to the transaction.
  3. Subtotal and confirm the transaction as usual. You will be prompted to confirm that another form of payment has been received before the transaction is made final


  1. CANCEL (F3): Alternate form of payment (Split-Tender) declined. Returned to the transaction screen where the item may be voided
  2. OK (ENT): Split-Tender is confirmed, card is decremented for remaining CVB balance. Transaction is completed as usual


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