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 Online Support Form:   Click here for MobiWIC Support Request


Nearly all problems or questions with your MobiWIC terminal can be resolved using our MobiWIC Help Site. This is always the fastest and best way to get your questions answered, and to learn the most about your MobiWIC Terminal. 

To contact us directly for items you are unable to resolve, please contact us at:

 Additional Support Information:

The easiest and fastest way to get assistance is right from your MobiWIC Website! Just click on the red HELP button. Your message will be sent directly to our IT Support Team for a quick response.


Your MobiWIC website is getting smarter! Tired of "guessing" if your new WIC Item number is the correct one? Soon your MobiWIC website will be able to tell you if your Item Number is correct immediately after you enter it! Watch this page for updates.. 

You can search this Help Site by using the Search Bar at the top right hand corner of this page? Look for this box:


Just start typing in what you are looking for (Example: "Item Number") and we will help you find it!

SoliSYSTEMS is always working to make your WIC experience better. A new smarter, faster version of MobiWIC is now available!

Changes to version include:

The next time you start MobiWIC, select "INSTALL", and follow the prompts. The update normally takes about 45 seconds, and you will be able to use your device immediately after.

You will need to SYNCHRONIZE your device following completion of the update process

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