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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have not received reimbursement?

If claimfiles were processed successfully without errors and could be verified on the MobiWIC website, however you still have not received reimbursement you will need to contact your WIC State Representative. SoliSYSTEMS is not involved in a WSA's reimbursment payments sent to a Store's bank account.
For Ohio the contact information is (800) 686-1585.

Are there any per-transaction or recurring fees for MobiWIC?

No, there are no additional transaction or recurring fees to use MobiWIC.

Is paper purchase required? 

No. Paper may be purchased from other sources.

Is purchasing Maintenance of the Software required? 

Yes.  Support, software fixes, and updates are included, which are necessary.

Does the quote change with the purchase of more than 1 Terminal? 

There is a volume discount that applies when 50 or more Terminals are purchased.

I was just notified there is an update to MobiWIC.  How do I do the update?

To update MobiWIC follow the instructions: MobiWIC Application - Updating to the Latest Version.

Does MobiWIC currently accept Manufacture Coupons? 

No, currently MobiWIC does not accept manufacture coupons.

Does MobiWIC accept SNAP Transactions? 

No, currently MobiWIC does not accept SNAP Transactions.

We need a unique number for each transaction done on MobiWIC (for reference and auditing purposes).  Does the transaction number ever reset?

The transaction number does not reset and a Store cannot repeat a Lane ID. The transaction number will be always unique.

What's the trace number?

The Trace number is: Lane ID + Transaction Number = Trace Number.

Is it possible to import a partial Item list?

Yes, only the Items in the imported list will be updated.

If the customer's credit is stored on the card itself, and the balance is manipulated on the card offline without communicating to a server, what prevents a software bug or malware to add a billion credits to a person's card that they could then go and use forever?

The Benefits on the chip are protected by secure keys.  These keys are secured by the appropriate WIC agency and this scenario should not happen.

My wireless network uses Static IP Addresses.  I need to manually assign the IP Address to the MobiWIC Terminal.  How is this done?

In most cases an IP Address is automatically assigned to the MobiWIC terminal while connecting.  In some environments a specific IP Address has to be manually added before MobiWIC can make a connection.  Click here to see how to manually assign an IP Address for an ITWell terminal. Click here for an STM7700 terminal.

How are Claimfiles created?

Claimfiles are created in the BackOffice after a Terminal has sent Transactions through a sync.  The Backoffice then sends the Claimfile to the WSA during its sync with the WSA.  

What happens when there is a change in my Item List?

The Item List can be Exported and Imported into MobiWIC as a .csv file.  When an Item List is imported that contains a change to a current Item, the change is applied. 

I get the following error when I try to sync MobiWIC: "The remote name could not be resolved."  What should I do?

Check the following:

  1. Verify Wi-Fi is connected.
  2. Verify Sync Parameters in MobiWIC app: 
    1. Hostname:
    2. Port: 8000
  3. Verify correct Username and Password.
  4. Verify "Username" is selected when entering a Username to sync, or "Cashier" is selected when entering a Cashier # to sync.

Is Wi-Fi required all the time?

The MobiWIC terminal would need to connect to Wi-Fi at minimum once per day to synchronize with the state. The terminal does not need to maintain a Wi-Fi connection to function, and a Wi-Fi connection is not required to perform live transactions.

Should we keep the terminal on the charger/cradle throughout the day?

You may keep your MobiWIC terminal on the charger throughout the day if you wish. It is not possible to overcharge your device, so you may keep it connected to the power supply. Through testing we have found that we got about 7 hours of standby time after a full charge, with the screen left on with no power supply. (Not being used)

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  1. Anonymous

    How do I get it out of training mode? And ready for use 

    1. Usually this means that your store has not received your training yet.  Please email and include your store name so that we can contact you.

  2. Anonymous

    how do I change wi-fi password?