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You should be syncing your MobiWIC terminal daily at the least. There are several reasons you need to sync, to include:

  • Updating the Approved Product List for WIC items.
  • Updating the HCL list for WIC customers who have been removed or flagged.
  • Updating any terminal settings that have been made.
  • Creating Claim Files. If you do not sync the terminal daily there is the chance that claim files could be rejected by the State if it's older than 3 days.

Instructions on how to sync your MobiWIC terminal are listed below.

To sync your terminal:

  1. Within the MobiWIC main menu click “Synchronize”.

  2. Login either by selecting “User Name” or “Cashier” with the radio button.  Depending on your login selection enter either your “User Name” or you “Cashier” ID.  Enter your password and press the “SYNCHRONIZE” button on the MobiWIC keypad.

  3. To continue the synchronization press the “SYNCHRONIZE” button on the MobiWIC keypad. To cancel, click the "left arrow" at the top left of the screen.

  4. You will see check marks for items that are complete so far, circles for items in progress, and hour glasses for items that still need to be completed.

  5. When all the files have been synchronized you will receive a confirmation screen as seen below.  To exit the synchronization screen press the “BACK MAIN MENU” button on the MobiWIC keypad.  You will be returned to the “Main Menu” screen.


  6. Once back on the Main Menu screen it will show the Last Synchronization Date as below.

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