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Split-tender is the ability of a WIC participant at the point of sale (POS) to redeem a single WIC food item using WIC CashValue Benefits (CVB) and one or more other types of tender. Split-tender enables a WIC participant to reduce the balance of CVB in a WIC EBT account to $0.00 and avoid any loss of benefit value. 

Here is how it works:

  1. During a WIC transaction, if MobiWIC determines that a customer has insufficient benefits to cover a fruit/vegetable (CVB) transaction, the cashier will be prompted with a message on the device screen:



    1. NO: Alternate form of payment (Split-Tender) is declined. The item may now be manually voided from transaction
    2. YES: Item will be added to the transaction. You may also continue adding other items, as long as they are not CVB items, before completing the transaction.

  1. Subtotal and confirm the transaction as usual. You will be prompted to confirm that another form of payment has been received before the transaction is finalized



  1. NO: Alternate form of payment (Split-Tender) declined. Returned to the transaction screen where the item may be manually voided
  2. YES: Split-Tender is confirmed, card is decremented for remaining (CVB) balance. Transaction is completed as usual

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